Intensive Preparation Seminar (IPS)

Designed for the busy professional who needs to prepare quickly for the test, our 24-hour intensive gives you the tips, practice and personal feedback and advice you need. The materials are specially designed and are included in the course fees. In only eight days you can cover all four modules, just in time for the test date. You should have an entry level of Upper-intermediate English to join the course, and aim to achieve Band 6.5 and above in the test.

Course name and level

Duration and frequency

Placement Test  fees

IPS (Intensive Preparation Seminar)

24 hours

8 days of

three-hour classes daily


Listening – combines strategies and practice

Overview of the listening module

IELTS Practice Listening Test

 Practice Listening Test

 Sections 2-4

Practice Listening Test – all sections

Listening    Test  

IELTS Practice Listening Test


Speaking  -combines strategies, live practice and online models


General Strategies for the IELTS Speaking Test

Part 2 of the speaking test – giving a short presentation

Part 3 of the speaking test – participating in a more abstract discussion Some useful words and ideas when analysing speaking

Reading – combines strategies and practice

Overview of the Reading Module

The reading skills you need: SKIM, SCAN, and READ INTENSIVELY

Skim-Scan-Read Intensively – Further practice

Reading Answers

Reading Test Academic

Reading Test General

Academic Homework Reading Test

General Homework Reading Test .

The Question Types

Reading strategies for

Overview Questions —Strategies

Viewpoint Questions —Strategies

Summarising Questions —Strategies

Specific Information Questions -Strategies..

Academic Extra Reading

General Extra Reading

Writing – strategies, practice and analysis of model answers

Course Outline

Writing Task Two . 11

Understanding ‘to what extent’ questions

Linking idea

Planning your answer – Academic module

Planning your answer – General and Academic modules

Writing Task 1

Academic Task 1

Checklist - What to do before you start Writing

Language of Graphs and Charts

Describing a process

General Task 1 

Language of Letters

Homework Writing Task 1 - ACADEMIC

Homework Writing Task 1 - GENERAL

Writing Lesson: Practice Test

Homework Analysis – Academic Task 2

 Homework Analysis – General Task

Writing Lesson: Task 1

Homework Analysis – Academic Task 1

Homework Analysis – General Task 1

Homework Writing Task